Alternate game link for SPAGHETTIROKU

For those of you who already saw the GaneJolt devlog of this project, hello again.

For those who haven't, then welcome to the devlog of SMG4 Spaghettiroku.

I decided to transfer the project here in, because it seems like Nintendo's keeping an eye on GameJolt for any more fan-games to come. Even though this solely revolves on a Youtuber, this contains heavy Mario elements that so far may be considered as a Mario "fan-game." To avoid the risk of getting taken down by its parent company, I decided to put up another devlog here, just in case I release the demo or the full game itself in GameJolt, then all of a sudden, Nintendo takes it down. So far, the development is going very fine, amidst the pauses and continues this project is suffering from.

Yours truly, Moge-Buu

You can visit its GameJolt devlog here:

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